Health and Safety Tips for Your BBQ Grill

It’s grilling season!

Most of the time the grill goes uncleaned far beyond the point of health and safety guidelines. I mean really cleaned. Scraping off the most offensive bits of build-up really doesn’t count. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

Following a few basic safety rules is the key to successful grilling. So before you bust out the spatulas and tongs this weekend, take some time to learn about grill safety with these tips:

1. Know Your Grill

You should always keep the instructions for your grill handy. Even if it’s not your first barbecue, occasionally reviewing the manual will remind you of how to operate your grill correctly.

2. Clean Your Grill

A clean grill is a safe grill for several reasons. There have been reports that metal bristles from some scouring brushes can break off and get left behind on the grill and ultimately end up in the food. Some people who have ingested these bristles have ended up in the hospital.

3. Location, Location, Location

While you’re deciding what to grill, don’t forget to consider where to place the grill itself. The location of your barbecue grill makes a big difference in terms of grill safety.

5. Prepare for the Worst

Always be prepared for grilling mishaps so you can keep them from becoming grilling tragedies. There are several ways to keep a bad situation from becoming worse:

     • Keep a fire extinguisher close by when you’re grilling.
     • Control grease fires by tossing baking soda on them.
     • A bucket of sand can be used to put out errant fires.
     • Have a water source, such as a garden hose, nearby. Any one or more of these will help to keep a fire under control or extinguish it entirely.

Always have the fire department number on hand.

Grill safety really comes down to using common sense. Make sure your grill is in good working condition. Clean-up after your cookout only takes a few minutes – about the same amount of time it takes a fire to get out of control.

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